Recommended Reading

Some have asked if I had any recommendations for further reading on the Reformation period. There are many wonderful works available on the history of the Reformation, many more than I have been able to use. In what follows, I’ve given a few works that I would recommend as beginning reading. I hope that perhaps a few of these will be a help to you.

  1. Reeves, Michael. The Unquenchable Flame: Discovering the Heart of the Reformation. Nashville, Tenn.: B & H Academic, 2010. [A very brief, popular-level introduction.] Available on

  2. Heinze, Rudolph W. Reform and Conflict: From the Medieval World to the Wars of Religion (AD 1350-1648). Edited by John D. Woodbridge, David F. Wright, Tim Dowley, and Ivor J. Davidson. The Baker History of the Church 4. Grand Rapids, Mich: Baker Books, 2004. [A chronological study of the Reformation period that surveys political, social, and theological developments. Highly recommended.] Available on

  3. McGrath, Alister E. Reformation Thought: An Introduction. Fourth edition. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. [An intellectual history. Recommended.] Available on

  4. Beale, David. Historical Theology In-Depth: Themes and Contexts of Doctrinal Development since the First Century. Vol. 2. 2 vols. Greenville, SC: BJU Press, 2013. [This is by my historical theology professor from seminary. Helpful explanations of the historical development of doctrinal concepts throughout church history, but with several chapters in vol. 2 on the Reformation.] Available on Volume 1, Volume 2

  5. George, Timothy. Theology of the Reformers. Revised edition. Nashville, Tenn: B&H Academic, 2013. [A highly recommended, though demanding, study of the thought of key reformers.] Available on